Israel Affairs Vice President

Levi Rose

Hello! I’m Nadiv Lev Rose (colloquially known as Levi) and I am the 2019-2020 Israel Affairs Vice President. I am from St. Louis, Missouri and from B’nai Amoona USY (BAUSY).  While not on the grind you can catch me doing all sorts of normal things. I play soccer, I watch Netflix and I can even juggle! I also go to Camp Ramah in Wisconsin and if you haven’t heard already, I went on TRY.

The reason I ran for Executive Board was my love for EMTZA and Israel. I want to re-energize Israel programing in our region and help re-engage all of our individual connections to Israel. I would like to do this through fun, creative, and informative programs as well as by having deep conversations in the Chalutzim club that I plan on fully bringing back into EMTZA. I’m looking forward to a שנה נהדרת in EMTZA. Feel free to contact me anytime with questions or comments at and make sure to follow @emtza.israel on Instagram and @emtza_israel on Twitter!