Travel the country with USY!

Classic Wheels

“I got to see many new places, meet new people, discover my Jewish identity, and learn new things about myself!”

-Sophie Goldenberg 

Wheels West

Relax on the beaches of California, hike the natural beauty of the Southwest’s national parks, and journey from the dizzying heights of Colorado to the flat salt plains if Utah! Come experience the laid-back, feel-good vibes of California!

Wheels Pacific Northwest

Explore some of North America’s most spectacular sights from Mount Rainier in Washington State to Crater Lake in Oregon, and top it all off with a week-long Alaskan cruise on Norwegian cruise lines!

Wheels East

“choosing to go on wheels East was the best decision of my life! I got to   embrace my  Jewish Identity and discover things about myself!”

 -Sophie Goldenberg

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Volunteer in the community. Take cooking and dance lessons. Relax on beautiful beaches. Kayak and paddleboard. Hike in the jungle. Learn about Dominican Jewish history at the Sosua Jewish Museum. Practice valuable Spanish skills.